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Welcome to the Ashes Burn Productions website. Please visit our “about” page to learn a bit more about ABP’s goals and what we’re offering. We’ll be launching our bookstore very soon with Evelyn Aurora’s debut anthology series Transtygian. We’re so excited to build memories with you and to share disturbing stories written by Ms. Aurora as well as the works of other artists who we can coordinate with down the line.

We are starting our company very small. Currently, just a single woman is managing all of our systems. That includes producing content, managing sales, and ensuring reliable shipping and affordable prices for all of our lovely patrons. We rely on your support more than anything else. Whether that support is spreading the word about our content and goals, purchasing our products, or simply hopping onto our site and commenting your thoughts on our posts, all of your interaction and support is more important and special to us than you might realize. We appreciate all of you and are immensely excited to see what we can do together. Thank you so much for getting us to this point.


  1. Kevin says:

    Just found your website… I support what your doing in the community..😉💓

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