Ashes Burn Productions

What is ABP?

Ashes Burn Productions (ABP) is an independent publishing studio focused on publishing horror books from small creators.

Our main goal is to bring you stories while remaining as ethical as possible. We don’t want to be held to the standard of what is marketable and what isn’t. We don’t want to buy into huge companies and their quick “self publishing” schemes. Every book we make will be independently crafted and sustainability will always be a focus of our work.

We don’t want to cut corners for lower costs at the expense of lives. We want to elevate the voices of those who have unique stories to tell but don’t know how to tell them. We want to put novels, novellas, and short stories in your hands that you can feel proud to hold.

Who is ABP?

Evelyn Aurora

Evelyn Aurora

Evelyn Aurora is the founder of ABP and is currently the sole manager of all parts of the company. She dreams of sharing disturbing stories with people of all walks of life and of filling in the disappointing gaps left untouched by mainstream media. She’s been a huge fan of horror ever since she saw Dawn of the Dead (2004) and she got into writing and publishing when she felt let down by the lack of queer representation in the cosmic horror genre.