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An Anthology of short horror stories written by Evelyn Aurora.

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A person lives isolated from the world and slaves away in a thankless job. A woman is intent on cutting all ties with her family. An author endures an uncaring healthcare system.

This anthology takes place in a world where the mundane blends seamlessly with the stygian. Within this book there are three stories told from three different perspectives. Each story explores a different aspect of the dark realities that we all live every day.

Transtygian is Evelyn Aurora’s debut book. These three stories are inspired by nightmares and real life experiences that Evelyn has gone through. This book embraces the fears that body horror instills within us. It teases your mind into imagining yourself in situations that will make your skin crawl. Brace yourself if you dare to dive into these short stories, they may make you question your very existence.

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2 reviews for Transtygian

  1. Three well written, creepy and unsettling stories. I loved the twists and turns, as well as how strange and mysterious the stories became! And some of the horrors were very relatable on a personal level.
    The physical copy is super nice with dope cover art and crispy pages. Also, the packaging was durable and earth friendly! I can’t recommend this book enough!

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  2. A delicious Slug-Sundae of scary!
    Very comfy size/paper choice for the physical copy as well.

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